More hints suggests that next Call of Duty is Black Ops 4

This year’s taste of Call of Duty is usually unveiled during the spring; but already rumors about the next incarnation begins to flourish. According to Markus Sellars, titled “industry insider”, you will return to the Black Ops series for in a fourth title. He also claims that it will be released on the much less powerful Nintendo Switch. He also claims that Black Ops 4 will be a “boots on the ground”game that takes place in modern times.

3 years since Black Ops 3

On a schematic basis, it should be developer Treyarch that develops this year’s Call of Duty, because Activision have three studios that take responsibility for the franchise each year;and Black Ops 3 was released in 2015. Considering that the series turned out just as well when mixing futuristic elements, against the success of WW2 – it also sounds like a likely focus. Although Black Ops 3 was the first to begin experimenting with more advanced player movements.

More and more signs that Treyarch’s CoD interpretation continues this fall

black ops 4

As traditionally bound as the years have seasons; some newnews have been popping up around the next installment.  As we said sources indicates that there will be a Black Ops 4, and that Treyarch will do the coding.

And now there are more signs of the same thing. Kotaku claims to have been confirmed from his own sources that rumors are true that we can look forward to Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII; developed by Treyarch.

James Harden just accidentally unveil next Cod?

In addition, yesterday the basketball player James Harden was seen wearing a hat with the logo “IIII”. It certainly looks like the log from the three previous Black Ops games; and site Kotaku has found a source confirming that it’s actually the right sign. Which may indicate that Mr. Harden will participate in the game in some way or another.