New Halo Infinite will focus on Master Chief

Microsoft and 343 Industries have shown the next part in the Halo story. Halo Infinite is the latest addition and in the trailer, as you can see below, we’ll see a lot of environments as well as a glimpse of Master Chief. 343 Industries has developed a whole new game engine for the game called Slipstream Engine and the trailer was virtually a technology demo to show what the new engine can do.

Will Play out after the events of Halo 5

Microsoft and 343 Industries are entering the next major game in the Halo series. And it is also confirmed that the upcoming title Halo: Infinite (who actually could have been called Halo 6), will focus on the masterpiece of the game, Master Chief, after the events in Halo 5. So, 343 boss Chris Lee wrote in an official message to fans:

“The team also heard feedback loud and clear on the amount of time spent playing as the Master Chief in Halo 5. In Halo Infinite, the game will focus on the Master Chief and continue his saga after the events of Halo 5.”

The New Slipspace Engine

The announcement also mentions a part about the new engine, Slipspace Engine, which 343 has been working on for Halo: Infinite. And all that we saw in the trailer obviously runs in the new engine:

“The Slipspace Engine demo shown at the E3 2018 briefing is the culmination of years of work and is infused with the passion of hundreds of people here at 343 Industries. When we started this project, the team’s vision for the game was ambitious – so much so that we knew we had to build new tech to fully realize our goals for Halo Infinite. The E3 demo showcases some of the exciting potential of this technology – everything you see is running in-engine.”