Level Up Your Game is a new guide for all types of digital games. It doesn’t matter if you like to play on your computer, mobile, console or whatever. We are writing about all kinds of games and platforms. The mission is to become have the largest selection of games. If you would like to contribute to our website. Please feel free to contact us at info@levelupyourgame.net. To play games is becoming a big part of peoples lives. Many people judge gamers, but the thing is that it usually is the older generation that does not understand the new one. To play games are for example much better than watching television or other things that do not engage the brain. Check out these videos from TedTalk to learn more about what we are saying. Tedtalk have many famous speakers where you can learn a lot. Much better than looking at a lot of other non-sense material that you find online. Hope that you enjoy our content. Happy gaming!

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We mostly write about games for Xbox, PlayStation, PC and Nintendo but there are basically no limits to what games that we cover. Sometimes we also write about board games and card games. One of our favourite card games is In-Between. If you haven’t heard about it you can find the In-Between card game rules by using the link. The game that we play most by ourselves is probably Mariocart on Ninento Switch. It is super easy to play for just a few minutes and then go back to writing articles and other quality content for our visitors. We hope that you appreciate the work that we do here. We love trying all types of games over the weekend and then write about them during the weekdays. If you can not find the games that you are looking for in 2019 on this website (for example Wazamba), we recommend Team-Dignitas.net to learn more. If you have any recommendation for games in 2019 we would be more than happy to hear about them. The next type of game after Fortnite 2 that we really want to learn more about is the VR and AR games in 2020. Maybe there will be a combination of these two technologies. How awesome wouldn’t that be?