FIFA 21 – Everything your need to know!

fifa 21

For FIFA lovers, there is always a new nice game to look forward to. This year, we are of course waiting for FIFA 21! So, what’s new this time? And when can expect to play it? In this article, we will dig deeper into FIFA21 and what to expect from it and if it’s worth buying this one if you already own the previous one.

Release dates of FIFA 2021

25th of September 2021 is a date to remember. This is when the game will be released, worldwide. You will be able to pre-order the game from early June and the demo is supposed to be available from 8th of September. All of these dates are still not totally sure. But, it’s a good guess that in late September, we will all be able to play brand new FIFA 21! It will be available for PlayStation 4, X-Box and on PC. So far, we havenät heard anything about FIFA21 being available in a specific version for Playstation 5, the console coming to the market during this year. It feels this might be what’s needed to take the next step for EA Sports. Players have been longing for these new generations of consoles for a long time now and what game would be a better stepping-stone than FIFA 2021?

There are right now some discussions regarding what leagues will be represented in new FIFA 21. Of course, we will see the greatest one and you will be able to play Chelsea in Premier League but we can hopefully find some new, smaller leagues too. India has been up for discussion, amongst other ones.

We will keep you posted on this page with more news and who will be the poster boy of new the most interesting football game this year. Please contact us at Level up Your Game if you are interested in a specific game review or anything else. Thanks for this time, see you soon!