Getting good at PUBg

pubg esport

PUBG is one of the most popular videogames of this day. There are hundreds of thousands of people that enjoy playing it. And more are to come. E-sport in general has started to become huge in South Africa, as an example. Here, PUBG is growing along with other similar games. Read more about the South African E-sports industry in this article at Twitgoo to see why this type of gaming will only get bigger. It’s very fun to play it as you can pretend that you’re in a real-life deathmatch against other people. But once you start to play this game, you will see that it’s not easy to get good at it. You will die many times, in-game, before you get good. But can you do something that can speed up this process?


In terms of improving your PUBG skills, we’re afraid to tell you that the progress is not interesting. And it takes a long time. The very best way in which you can get better at PUBG is by practicing. Practicing – a lot – will help improve your game. Luckily, you will likely enjoy play this game. So, it won’t come as a boring experience for you to practice. Long story short – expect to die, a lot. This will help you improve your skills down the line.

Watch good players

Watch how good players play the game. You have all of YouTube and Twitch at your assistance when it comes to this. There are many good players that share their playing experience online. Just by watching how these players play – you can learn a lot. And don’t just grab the popcorns and mindlessly watch. You will need to focus your attention. See the details. Where do these players shine? What do they do differently than the average Joe? If you pay attention to these things – you will get better.

Be mindful when you play

This tightly relates to the practicing rule. However, you can’t allow yourself to mindlessly practice if you want to get truly good at the game. Instead – you will need to pay attention as you play. Much like you would pay attention to the highly skilled players. See where your strengths lie. Why is this the case? See where your weaknesses are. Again – why is this the case? If you pay attention to the way you play, then you will dramatically improve upon your skills in the game.

In conclusion

PUBG is a very fun game where the highly skilled players shine. If you want to be one of these people – you will need to follow the advice from above. And we hope that you will have a fantastic time shining in PUBG.