Nintendo hints at new Joy Con Controller

joy con

Nintendo has been subjected to problems with the company’s famous Joy Con controllers, which could be resolved with an updated version of the controller in the future. Nintendo Switch was somewhat of a rebirth for Nintendo, where the company’s hybrid units have sold extremely well; especially compared to its predecessor. Thanks to this, the company managed to increase its operating profit by a whole 505 % on an annual basis for the year of 2017.

Lack of signal strength

A problem initially addressed by the manufacturer was the lack of signal strength in the company’s left-hand Joycon controller. The right contains more electronics as well as a dedicated antenna while the left has an integrated weaker antenna while it is obscured by a metal plate. The improvements are significant and make the gameplay much better. At our office, we have a Nintendo Swish and sometimes play a game of Mario Cart. Sometimes we had problems with the signal but after this fix we are very happy with how it works. It is also funny that you can play with others around the world. I´m a bit surprised that the Japanese people are so good at Mariocart. Whatever we do we always lose against them. Perhaps we need to write less article and focus more on playing games haha.

Only the interior of the Joy Con will change?

In an application to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC),  Nintendo registers an updated version of the controller. It is specifically the left-hand side, and in the pictures attached to the registration, it appears that the exterior did not change. On the other hand, the inside of the electronics has apparently changed, where the circuit board has a different design. Gone is the small flange next to the metal plate where the integrated antenna was previously placed – which guarantees that it has been replaced or redesigned. At the moment, it is unclear whether or when Nintendo will “quietly” roll out the updated device. Also, the price and date of launch are unknown. This is expected from such a good and reputable game developer and game platform. We look forward to seeing what the next console will be. It feels like Nintendo has got a second life with the last year of successful launches.