Premium games subscription for Apple Games getting closer

apple games

Netflix and similar movie- and series streaming functions have become something almost everybody is using today. This billion dollar industry is something that Apple has thought more about for some time now, why they now are close to releasing their premium subscription for games in the App Store. “Netflix for Games” as it is referred to in many places will give players the possibility of paying an exact sum every month for being able to play every single game in the app store. Even though the market might not be exactly as big as with movies and series, we are quite positive that this will be a huge success once it is launched.

There is an Apple event today, 25th of March, where this might will be launched. People are, as always, really excited about this event and we are hoping for a lot of new interesting things from the mighty brand. Both hardware and software.

Playing games at the mobile

Playing at your mobile is nowadays even more common than playing at a computer or TV. With the new smartphones, the limits have increased a lot. This is why we can see the same games on mobile phones as on a PlayStation 4. The easiness with being able to play wherever you are is probably the main reason. Same when it comes to betting and casino gambling. From being almost only on a computer a couple of years ago, most of the betting is on mobiles today. In some countries, such as Nigeria, it is almost exclusively mobile betting. The gambling companies often even have different mobile sites. A lite one as well as a classic one, to being able to reach as many players as possible, even people with less bandwidth possibility. Lionsbet in Nigeria is one of these ones, and they have put down a lot of work of making the best mobile casino and betting site possible for the Nigerian market from what we have read on this review site: Lionsbet mobile players are now growing by the minute. And this is now what we see in all different kind of mobile gaming.

So, tomorrow there might be a totally new way of playing games on your iPhone. Pay a fixed fee every month and get to take part of all the games!