Dynasty Warriors 9 Review

dynasty warriors 9

After eight successful and loved games, it was time for Koei Tecmo and the developers Omega Force to test something new. Not because Dynasty Warriors as a concept really needed to evolve when the fans apparently want more of the same. Anyway,  game nine is released and I’ve been forced to spend a week together with the iron-fired warriors who have the main roles here.

Dynasty Warriors 9 goes open world

In this game, as it is said, the big free open world is the most significant news, and although I understand why you chose to structure the game series / basic concept in this way (nothing is hotter than open game world-games at the moment), we’re  not very fond of how Dynasty Warriors 9 works in relation to what we’re used to.

dynasty warriors 9

The repetitiousness is strong with this one

This story of Chineese “history” is narrated through a divided perspective, consisting of 80 different playable characters (divided into four different clans), something that, along with the open layout, makes major parts of this game feel like a whirlwind of wrong doings and repetitions. Not rarely, I’m forced to play through all the pieces of the story, several times (stuck with different characters) and in several key places where key scenes play; it’s reminded why it was a better idea of ​​a linear arrangement in the Dynasty Warriors games. At the same time, it is possible to argue that there is a value in seeing various important battles in China’s ancient history from many different perspectives, as is the case with Dynasty Warriors 9. One thing I don´t understand is why we have to have 80 playable characters. I suppose this simply involves something with the story; and with the historical correctness that is incorporated. In my case, it’s all about killing a lot of enemies –  and nothing else.

Some time to relax

The assignments are handed out from computer-controlled residents in the gaming world, and there are plenty of calmer moments where you can just take a breather and relax a bit. I like the tempo variation in Dynasty Wariors 9, and there’s certainly nothing wrong here.

We wan’t the old Dynasty Warriors formula back

After 21 years of Dynasty Warriors, I feel like fans should expect much more of Koei Tecmo’s loved game series. I’d rather see a return to the original recipe with tight, linear co-op action rather than this open, free-form game propped with gimmick-like moments. Dynasty Warriors 9 is not bad but not very good either. It has a bit too monotonous game mechanics, it has a rugged gaming world that feels generously empty and sad and the graphics are substandard even if there are no charging screens and even if the gaming world is huge. There is no game mode, variety and no nice graphics. In addition, I have some difficulty swallowing that this game is completely missing multiplayer.