Shadow of the Colossus Review

shadow of the colossus

It’s the same world, the same temple, the same horse and the same characters. I know exactly where I’m going, who I’ll meet. I know the environments, game layouts and every element in Shadow of the Colossus; better than my own pocket – and after all … Despite the twelve hours I spent with the Playstation 3 version only last week; developer Bluepoint Games succeeds in capturing all over again. Basically, it is exactly the same game that came out twelve years ago. Still… This is something new.

shadow of the colossus

This is something special

Most of us knew  knew that the code running in the original would be reused in the new version. That the masterly made remaster would be faithful to the content available; and not add any major game changes. The world that Team Ico created with magic maker Fumito Ueda, was carefully crafted, and with that insight, it is difficult to explain why I sometimes do not recognize where I am. It’s been several times that I’ve gotten tough with the horse Agro; and then trying to convince myself that it’s actually the same grassy hills and caves that I walked around in a few days ago. As I said, this is something new…

Shadow of the Colussus is one of the best remakes ever made

Bluepoint Games has continuously shared movie clips and pictures on how their modern-day version on the ultra-classic would be shaping up. I have been very impressed with their work along the way. Som critics on the other hand have been saying that Team Ico’s brilliant title from 2005 (or the updated PS3 version from 2011), still will be better than the graphic super-trim we got this year. I have played through the title three times over the weekend. There you have 48 boss duels, ladies and gentlemen.Frankly, now I would like to throw the old Playstation 3 disc out of the window – that’s how good the Shadow of the Colossus remake is.

Some things stay the same, some don’t

The overall feeling of the environment is the same as the only difference that small details here and there have been improved. Wander’s stamina is, for example, worse, which is apparent during the first duels. You are left largely without any time for failure when climbing, and some places that previously managed to be traveled to have been removed by Bluepoint to make the giants a little more difficult and a little more challenging  to climb. For example, I was really surprised when the third colossus (Gaius) lifted his sword so fast that I was catapulted a good way up in the air and then hit the hill with a bang.

Another thing that I am accustomed to is the iconic night-black bloodshed that is ejected from the collosi’s hairy hair. Sometimes when the game camera is at the right angle, it creates a nice effect so the black clad wines all over the screen; causing me to smile with my whole face.