The Duke is Back!

the duke

It is one of the most unforgettable game-controls ever. Not so much because it was particularly good though but because it was so insanely big that it felt like holding an ostrich egg with buttons and levers. The controller was called “The Duke” and swapped quickly for the more useful Controller S. Almost 16 years have passed since Microsoft’s game console Xbox was launched in Europe, and a number of followers have since reached the market. At the first launch, the accompanying handset encountered some criticism for its size but was liked by many at the same time. This console has is definitely impressing us and we think that it will take Xbox gaming to a completely new level. Many players that we know really love this new piece of magic. Have a look a the promotional video below to understand why it is such a game changer.

New Duke Controller by Hyperkin

But now a new version of The Duke has been released in the US (coming later this month to Europe) and the original creator Jonathan “Seamus” Blackley has personally worked with Hyperkin Company to make it feel completely right. The new version is wired just like the original and has an LCD screen with an animated Xbox logo (where the original Xbox boot sequence appears). The quality is impressive which makes it hard to say which console that we would prefer over the other.

In 2017, it was announced that the controller for the console would return, and at CES 2018 more details were presented. The handheld is manufactured in its new version by Hyperkin and replicates the original to a great extent. Size, material selection and aesthetics have been maintained, while some changes have been made for use with more modern platforms. For gamers, quality is very important as well as price since many gamers is still in school.

Some improvements

The original proprietary connector has been replaced with a USB variant, allowing use with later Xbox consoles but also with PC. The memory card connections that were in the forerunner have been removed while two trigger-buttons have been added. The product’s most distinctive feature is the OLED screen mounted on the front and shows an animated Xbox logo. We give these new products two thumbs up!