Warzone – A success story that just released its 4th season!

warzone season 4

There aren’t many gaming people that haven’t heard, and probably tried, CoD Warzone. The free multiplayer game based on the Call of Duty game story. It’s been around for about 6 months now and last week Activision, the developer, released the fourth season of the game. Some new features involving jailbreak and also the new gameplay Rumble was released this time. Level up Your Game has still not reviewed Warzone at all, why we want to look into this new season a bit and why this game has become a huge success.

One of the fastest growing online games ever

This spring has been something special for almost everyone around the world. The COVID-19 virus has changed the way we live and socialize, which has affected online gaming a lot. In a positive way. A lot of people not classic online gamers have now started to play against other players. Building teams and chatting has become a way of hanging out with your friends without meeting in a physical way. Many of these players have mostly played campaign modes and such before. And, one of the most popular campaign games has always been Call of Duty, or CoD as it’s known as.

We have seen a great increase in gambling online as well, as an example. So much that many countries have banned all online casinos for a couple of months during the pandemic. The interest of still finding a way to online gamble is so high that comparison sites now have started to list online casinos without a certain license, to make it possible to play from a country that is usually banned. Examples of this is Cazinova.com which offers a dedicated page with online casinos not on Gamstop for UK players.

However, the large interest in online gaming in general right now, made the release timing of Warzone perfect. And, due to this, the game has rapidly become one of the most popular ones of all time.

Warzone Season 4 – What’s new?

So, the standard gameplay is a Battle Royale, as you may know. However, with the last season of Warzone, a Rumble gameplay is also available. Two teams with around 20 people in both teams fight about a small part of the map. Much more action, auto-respawn and a great way if you want to level up your weapons. However, what might be the biggest thing with this new season is the jailbreak function. If you have lost a game in Gulag, you will be respawned into the map sometime during the match. So, if you thought you had lost, you get another try. If this is a good or bad feature, it probably depends a lot on the player. But it changes the game a lot, and we will see if it will stay onto season 5 too.

We will soon be back with more game news!